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What to do when a loved one passes away

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When a loved one passes away it can be daunting not knowing what to do next

Here we provide you with the immediate steps to take dependent on circumstance

Death At Home

Phone the GP surgery that the person is registered with and let them know that your loved one has passed away at home

They will then arrange for the doctor to come out and see you to certify the death (the time scale will vary depending on surgeries)

Once the doctor has been, please give Bramley's a call (day or night) and we will talk you through the next step of bringing your loved one into our care

Death In A Hospital

The hospital will inform you if a loved one passes away

They will also explain the next steps regarding hospital procedure

Over the next few days, give Bramley's a call so we can arrange bringing your loved one into our care

When you are ready, we will meet with you to discuss arrangements

Death In A Care Home

The staff at the home will inform you if a loved one has passed away

If they aren't already aware, let them know you would like Bramley's to take care of their funeral and pass on our contact number

When their death has been certified we can then liaise with the staff and arrange bringing your loved one into our care (day or night)

We can also share advice regarding tasks that need to be done over the following few days as a family

Registering The Death

Firstly, you will need the medical certificate of the cause of death

If the death was at home or in a care home, your loved ones GP will issue, or if the death happened in a hospital the bereavement officer will issue

Once you have been given or collected this certificate, you can then register the death:

Barnsley Registry Office

Tel: 01226 773555

Website: www.barnsley.gov.uk/services/births-deaths...

Tell Us Once

Having to inform numerous departments and services about the passing of a loved one can be daunting and overwhelming

The registrar will signpost you to this very useful free service Tell Us Once which enables several departments to share information with each other saving you a lot of time and energy


Funeral Choice

Decide (if you haven't already) whether you would like a burial or cremation for your loved one, this helps us to organise the appropriate paperwork for their funeral from doctors and/or the hospital

Once you are ready to discuss funeral arrangements and any options available, we will arrange a meeting with you, at a time that is suitable

There is no rush or pressure, we work with you at your own pace to plan and arrange the special day